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See how it all started…

A woman wakes up in a coffin at the bottom of a lake, with no memory of who or what she is.

After remembering her name and her ability to summon demons, Bayonetta travels through the remote city of Vigrid while staving off the armies of Paradiso and uncovering the truth of her long-lost past.

A few months after the events of the original Bayonetta game…
Something strange is happening.

Angels suddenly appear on the streets and begin to attack. Bayonetta tries to fight back using her powers, but the demon she summons turns against her! Jeanne saves Bayonetta during the battle, but gets dragged down to Inferno.

Now Jeanne’s soul is in danger, and there’s not much time left to save it. Bayonetta must find a door to the spirit world. But what awaits her there?

Meet the characters

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"You want to know why I'm hunting you down? Because I don't like your face!"


Bayonetta is a mysterious witch who has awoken in the modern world after sleeping for hundreds of years.

She uses her unmatched magical powers to fight the servants of heaven—but the reason for their fight, as well as everything else about her, remains shrouded in mystery.

Bayonetta uses a fluid Bullet Arts fighting style (often with Scarborough Fair, her favorite guns, on her hands and feet) and utilizes the ballistic fighting style of the Bullet Arts. She can also use her Wicked Weave to summon massive demons to devour her enemies.

"What? What are you so afraid of?"


This mysterious woman fights and uses magic just like Bayonetta, and seems to appear out of nowhere.

Jeanne has information that is key to solving the mysteries of Bayonetta's past, but no one knows who she is or what she's after. Wielding four guns of darkness, she sets her aim on Bayonetta.

"I just want to see how well the weapons I made work."


Known as a bartender, Rodin is secretly a master weapons maker who supplies Bayonetta with the firepower she needs.

The force of his personality and the power of his weapons have earned him fame as the "gunsmith of the demon world." No one knows exactly why this man of mystery helps Bayonetta.

"At least let me have a drink at Rodin's place!"


Enzo is a shrewd judge of character and has a knack for sensing danger, two skills that help him earn his living getting information from his underworld network.

He’ll give Bayonetta information…if it benefits him, that is. One of his leads sends Bayonetta on her journey into the mysteries of her own past.

"I'm not a cat, I'm Luka. Don't you forget it!"


A freelance journalist who tails Bayonetta on her journey, Luka seems to harbor a strong hatred for her. He uses a hookshot to leap into dangerous situations, but luckily he’s quick on his feet. His direct nature and good luck make him an excellent sparring partner. Sometimes, he outmaneuvers even Bayonetta.

"Mommy's a witch, she's strong enough to protect everyone!"


This mysterious young girl lost on the streets of the far-flung European town Vigrid. She doesn't wear robes, so she doesn't seem to be a resident of the city, and no one knows how she snuck into the city while it was on such strict lockdown. For some reason she appears and starts calling Bayonetta "mommy," but as for why...

"The time to open the world eye has come."


The chief executive of the Izavale Group, a massive organization based in Vigrid that uses its impressive capital to fund city planning projects.

The company's unbelievable economic growth in recent years has made it a symbol of the city's progress, and with Balder at its helm he's earned the respect and admiration of the citizens…even their worship. Rumor has it he’s also a collector of strange and precious metals.

A brutal beauty


Bayonetta is the result of the forbidden union of an Umbra Witch and Lumen Sage, with immense magical power. There is a cruel grace to how she moves in battle, and all who witness her are left in both awe and fear.

She is a master of the Bullet Arts style of combat, using melee attacks along with the four guns equipped on her arms and legs. With her Wicked Weave attacks, she can manipulate her hair to summon Infernal Demons that devour her enemies.

Umbra Witch


Jeanne survived the Witch Hunts of 500 years ago along with Bayonetta. She rivals Bayonetta in magic power, and displays incredible proficiency in the Bullet Arts with her jet black All-4-One guns.

Jeanne is dragged to the depths of Inferno after protecting Bayonetta from a fatal blow. Only a short time remains until her soul is lost for eternity... the one hope for her rescue is finding the real Gates of Hell, said to exist somewhere in this world.

Masked Lumen

A masked man whose frequent run-ins with Bayonetta seem to be more than just coincidence. He is far more powerful than a typical human, but who he is remains unknown.

His white robes suggest that he is a Lumen, one of the two ancient tribes who shared the role of Eyes of the World, along with the Umbra Witches. If this is the case, he could be deadlier than imagined.


A mysterious youth Bayonetta encounters in Noatun, Loki is able to travel between this world and Purgatorio, an alternate dimension normally invisible to humans. His weapon looks like a set of cards, and he can hold his own against the angels of Paradiso.

He says he desperately needs to make his way to the sacred mountain Fimbulventr, but his reason for going there is unclear. Loki's power to control time and space is different from any abilities the sages or witches possess.


Rodin is the owner of the Gates of Hell, a back-alley bar frequented by the city's least trustworthy citizens. His eyes, always hidden behind shades, shine with a frozen intensity; one glance can be enough to cause even the most enraged demons to cower in fear.

Rodin is known to make weapons with a power unseen anywhere else on Earth. He has earned the name demon-smith, but his true identity is unknown.


Enzo's ears are sharp enough to pick up a rumor from miles away; his nose leads him to wherever he might make a buck.

Enzo has a habit of getting information even Bayonetta and Rodin don't have, often arriving at a destination well before they do. Sometimes, he even acquires information so valuable it could determine the fate of the entire world... even if Enzo doesn't realize it.


A freelance journalist driven by his passion for the truth, Luka will travel to the ends of the world for a story—invited or not. Resolving his past differences with Bayonetta, the two now admit they work well together... at least, that's what Luka would like to believe.

Swinging around on his hookshot, acting more like an action hero than a reporter, his unbelievable luck continues to dumbfound Bayonetta. Luka arrives in Noatun hoping to uncover the true past of the Umbra Witches and Lumen Sages, but he may not realize the gravity of what awaits.