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Shop 'til
your enemies drop
Shop 'til
your enemies drop

Visit The Gates of Hell, Rodin's shop, for powerful weapons, accessories with special powers, and new techniques. Equip different combinations to unlock new combat styles.

Weapons Weapons

Trade in the Angelic Hymns LPs you've collected for new weapons.

Items Items

The shop carries many handy items, including lollipops that can boost attacks or replenish health.


Green Herb Lollipop

Recovers health.


Bloody Rose Lollipop

Temporarily boosts attack stats.


Yellow Moon Lollipop

Produces a magical barrier.

Compounds Compounds

Umbra Witch Concoctions are made through a secret method, and can have a variety of effects. Collect materials like these to create concoctions.

Add your materials, spin the wheel, and you’re done!
The amount of materials you'll use will depend on the
item you want to create.

Accessories Accessories

You can never have too many accessories.
Equip one on each arm to gain special abilities.

Techniques Techniques

Purchase lost techniques of the Bullet Arts,
a mythical battle style known only to witches.

Rodin's Treasure Rodin's Treasure

Rodin also collects special items. It seems he gets new items when you meet certain requirements in the game…