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Melee attacks and gunfire combine for exhilarating action.

Customize weapons and equip them on Bayonetta's hands and feet. Then string together punches, kicks, and shooting to deal damage with stylish, brutal combos.

Witch Time Witch Time

Control time and create an opening for counterstrikes.

By dodging an enemy's attack at the right time, you'll be able to slow down the time around you and retaliate.

Torture Attacks Torture Attacks

Punish enemies with torture devices.

Throw foes into devices that were once used in witch hunts, such as the Guillotine, Wheel of Torture, and Bear Trap.

Wicked Weaves Wicked Weaves

Summon Infernal Demons to demolish enemies.

Bayonetta can use her own hair as a conduit for summoning demons. Use this in a combo attack for a devastating blow.

Umbran Climax Umbran Climax

Unleash a barrage of devastating summon attacks.

By releasing all of Bayonetta's charged magical power, she can summon unlimited Wicked Weaves for a limited time. This powerful attack can take out many enemies at once.

Infernal Weaves Infernal Weaves

Fight powerful foes with Infernal Demons.

Bayonetta can use this more powerful version of a Wicked Weave to summon a monstrous demon to destroy strong enemies.